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Advice on Buying Boxing Gloves


Choosing boxing gloves used to be a fairly simple task as there were only a few options available back then in the market. However, this has changed intensely over the past few years with hundreds of styles and manufacturers to pick from.

The role of Boxing Glove:

There are generally two different types of boxing gloves, competition boxing gloves, and sparring gloves.

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Competition gloves are smaller and usually weigh around 10oz. Their main purpose is to protect the users’ hands and wrists while fighting as well as provide protection to the opponent from cuts.

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These gloves are often of lace-up variety and can offer a tighter yet more comfortable fit for fighters. However, these gloves are not suitable for training and are mainly confined to the actual competition.

Sparring gloves are usually weighed between 12 and 16oz in order to allow more aggressive sparring which is often full contact used in conjunction with the headgear. The sparring gloves are mainly used in boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai sparring.

The price range of Boxing Gloves:

Boxing gloves generally tend to be priced between $35-$100. The average cost is around $50. However, the price of these gloves doesn’t always denote the quality but trusted brands are often a better indication of quality.


Better quality meister boxing gloves will generally be 100% leather, but the cheaper or lower quality MMA gloves either choose synthetic materials or low-grade leather material.

Quality of the strap is also the important area to pay attention to with boxing gloves.

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This is because if the Velcro is left exposed, it will cause cuts and grazes to the sparring partners. Hence, make sure the Velcro is cuffed with a synthetic or leather piping.

Palm area of the gloves is usually made up of leather although some new designs also consist of breathable material to guard against the gloves and also allow faster drying after a heavy training session. In order to learn more about boxing gloves, click here now.

Author:Corey Collins