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All About Buying Cannabis Clones


Commercially, marijuana clones are sold in 3 main sizes: babies, teens, and adults. The baby marijuana clones plants are usually 7-8 inches tall with a few roots and leaf sets. Whereas, teen marijuana clones are usually 8-15 inches with multiple leaf sets and a relatively thick root mass.

And the adult marijuana clones are normally fully developed plants that are already planted in their own individual pot. You may buy marijuana plants or clones from a reliable seller and after full research.

Now let us understand what are the marijuana or cannabis clones. So, cloning is the process of trimming off segments of a healthy marijuana plant and allowing them to take root as completely new marijuana plants.

The clone plant itself is either a cutting or detached part of a plant that grows roots, which then finally turns into a genetic replica of its original plant.  Eventually, all plants, including marijuana, contain essential information to reconstruct the entire plant.

Thus the process of cloning allows growers to turn 1 marijuana plant into a number of new baby marijuana plants. Once you take a clipping from one marijuana plant and replicate it through cloning, both of those marijuana plants will have the exact same DNA.

It is best to look for clones for sale in Los Angeles if you visit a marijuana dispensary or collective because these are the best clones available. Also, make sure that the strains are reliable, potent, and high-quality. It’s also vital to know that the clones contain absolutely zero pests, diseases, viruses, and bacteria.

Moreover, the marijuana clones should have clearly visible developed root systems, otherwise, they’re not worth buying. This can be in the form of lab testing, genetic testing, clear photographs of the clones, and/or photographs of the original mother plants.

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Author:Corey Collins