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The Basics of Surfing – What is the Right Surfboard For Beginner Surfers?


After learning how to surf from an instructor with the help of rental surfboard, the very next thing you head to is buying a perfect surfboard.

Finding best custom surfboards is the most critical step of surfing. If you choose the right board, then you will have a good ride. However, if you select the wrong kind of board, you may lose up which can make you disheartened.

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Before selecting a surfboard, the first rule is to ensure that the surfboard you are choosing is of right width, girth, and length.

The main aim behind various sizes of the surfboard is that the wider and thicker the surfboard is; the more stable it rides in the water. People can also buy surf accessories wholesale to make their surfing experience more interesting.

The main rule for beginners is that they need to buy one that is 1 to 2 feet taller in height than their own height. For people 6 to 18 inches taller, it is important that the surfboard is sufficiently lighter and more buoyant.

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If you are looking to surf the whole season of surfing, then it is important to buy one that can serve for more than one season. You will need to pick a board that doesn’t make you tired within a short amount of time.

Also, remember that you should buy a surfboard at a low price so that you don’t feel bad about the dents and marks on the board which is very common.

Buying a used surfboard can be a great idea if you are not that much fond of surfing and it also saves your money. However, while purchasing used surfboard, always be conscious about any delamination or cuts on the board. This indicates that the board may not last for long.

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If you have enough money to buy surfboard than you should go for a custom made the board. Though the custom board may cost you money, it can be made according to the specification of your choice which indicates that you will be able to have an improved feeling for the surfboard whenever you hit the water.


Author:Corey Collins