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What is the Best Way to Store Cigars?


Cigar lovers always have known this thing that cigars need 70% humidity at 68 degrees Fahrenheit to keep their taste intact.

Yes, it is absolutely true. You cannot let your cigars open in the uncontrolled environment. This is because cigars are hygroscopic in nature. They will exchange moisture with air.    

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But the question is what is the best way to store cigars? Some people just keep the cigar with the damp towel, some use plastic bags to store cigars and some love to store cigars in high quality humidors box.

So, what is the best way to store cigars? Let’s have a look at it.   

If you want to temporarily store cigars for few days then a Ziploc bag with the moist sponge is all you need. It will keep your cigars moist for few days. It is the cheapest way to store cigars.

But it is not for storing cigars for a long time. Also, it is not easy to control humidity in Ziploc bag. Therefore, a majority of the people love storing cigars in humidor box.

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Cigar humidor box is the best way to store cigars. Humidor box is little costly than ordinary plastic bags but it definitely offers a wide range of benefits.

Cigar humidor provides perfect humidity controlled environment to store cigars. It also protects your cigars from sunlight. Humidor boxes not only used to store cigars but also used for the aging of the cigars.

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Aging of the cigars helps to enhance the taste of the cigars to a great extent. If you want to enjoy the enhanced taste of cigars, no doubt storing them in cigar humidor box is the best choice.

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Author:Corey Collins