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How to Choose Right Bucket Bag?


I will always tell my friends to invest in an excellent bag as opposed to purchasing something like new dress monthly. Why? Because when you have the bag you can dress up almost anything!

So choosing the ideal bag is vital, especially when this may be among the biggest investments in your wardrobe. You can check the latest designs of bucket bag on best online womens fashion Australia stores.    

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Here are my ideas on how best to choose the ideal bag for you!


There are several styles of bags going around at the moment, but the quintessential question is ‘do you require a shoulder strap?’ If you are going to be carrying a bag for extended spans of time and you want both your arms then decide on a cross body bag or a shoulder bag with and an additional longer strap that you place over your shoulder.

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What essentials do you will need to fit into your bag? Are you simply carrying around an edited list of essentials; phone, wallet, and keys? Then go for a little bag, you’ll love the freedom of not carrying around your life with you!

If you wish to also have the ability to keep sunglasses, crucial makeup, a small notebook and perfume in your bag then you will want to go up in size. You can opt for the bucket style handbags.  


You can never go past a black purse. But understand what is missing from your wardrobe. For those who get a black bag then attempt a neutral, either in a gray. Or go with a fresh feel of black. Black, black, black. Do not forget it!


Know what color hardware you need and stay with it. A complete look can come undone if your hardware is clashing. Everything starts competing with one another and nothing stands out. If you wear both silver and gold I will recommend you invest in two different bags to reside both your hardware requirements.

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Author:Corey Collins