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Church Strategic Planning: How To Do It


Several churches have realized the significance of church planning. The leaders of the church are required to take people on the right path. They may do so with the help of church planning.

Strategic church planning helps the churches to understand the purpose of their existence. It also proposes what strategies a church should utilize to make a remarkable impact in its immediate communities.

Several Christian churches near me have made use of strategic planning to attract more and more devotees to their church. And I must say that they were successful in their efforts.


A church strategic plan is a little different from the yearly plan or multi-year proposal plan. A church strategic plan sets the overall priorities and direction of the church that will be receptive to changes in its surroundings.

Events are an important part of a church planning. Churches used to organize different events from time to time to gather an audience and collect more donations. To know more about church events, you may visit https://www.soundofheaven.church/event-calendar/.

There are three important steps involved in church planning process, viz. pre-planning, actual planning and post planning. The first phase is pre-planning and it involves provisions that are necessary to the success of the actual planning phase.

Church Strategic Planning

The pre-planning phase embraces gathering relevant information that will be helpful in the actual planning phase. This comprises the calculation and estimation of the performance of the church in the past few years and the study of the external environment of the church.

The actual planning phase starts with defining or reconsidering the core values, mission, vision and goals statements of a church. After that, a valuation of the internal and external environment is done to decide on the strategies that can be implemented to achieve the vision, mission and goals.

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Post church strategic planning involves the presentation of the strategic plan to the members of the church. After the plan gets approved by the church members, a series of meetings will be arranged to create the operating plans and budgets as per the church department.

This was brief information on church strategic planning. To know the importance of strategic planning in church, you may read a post right here.

Author:Corey Collins