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How Coverage And Light Sensitivity Affect Surveillance Camera


Today, when the world and technology is upgrading to its best, crime is taking a different road. Honestly speaking, we have entered such a time where nobody is safe as thefts and crime are continuously increasing.

To fight all these challenges regarding thefts and crimes, technology has upgraded to one more level. This new level is that of Surveillance Cameras.

Firstly we will understand the meaning of Surveillance Camera. Surveillance camera may be defined as a camera which is used to do close observation, especially of a suspicious person. If you are also one of those who are badly concerned regarding the security and are looking for the latest surveillance cameras, you may refer to  www.angekis.com/index.asp .

Surveillance Cameras


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Now we will be discussing about how coverage and light sensitivity affect a Surveillance Camera:

  • Wider Camera Coverage

One of the main factors which have contributed to the grand popularity of Surveillance Cameras is their ability to give wider coverage. Therefore, if you are looking for a camera that possess  wider coverage, you should go with surveillance cameras.

These days you can also find a wide angle PTZ camera in the market which can serve this purpose very effectively.

Surveillance Camera

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  • Lux And Light Sensitivity

Another factor which greatly impacts the working of a surveillance camera is  the light sensitivity. Light sensitivity of a camera is generally measured in Lux.

This is the standard specification one will see that defines how well a camera is able to see in poor light conditions.

The main task of a surveillance camera is to prevent and capture theft. Most of the thefts and crimes take place in low lights or in dark areas.

Therefore, in order to capture good quality images in low light conditions or dark conditions, the requirement is of  a day and night camera that takes advantage of near-infrared light. This would become a good choice.

Author:Corey Collins