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How Important Is Prayer In The Life Of Christians?


Prayer changes live, prayer changes conditions, and prayer gives us the power that Jesus intends. Prayer-simple, heart-based, honest prayer-opens all the blessings of heaven for us. Prayer must be combined with Bible study; the two are inseparable. Men in Ministry, if the strong, world-changing ministry is the desire of the heart, make the ministry a praying ministry.

Daily spiritual warfare prayer is the most commonly typed query these days. As people search for the perfect books to do their prayers.

It is interesting that we have complete control over the blessings that we receive. Prayer brings the blessing; prayer brings and expands our relationship with God. Prayer is at the core of our being. God made us love us; He made us to worship Him. That’s our purpose. The King of Kings and maker of all things made us love us and have a relationship with Him. This is remarkable!

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Prayer changes areas and it affects cities, states, and countries. The prayer and obedience of one man changed the world. Paul got knocked down from this experience, he preached and taught around the world. He also wrote all the New Testament. He was a praying man; his letters tell us to pray continuously. How many lives are changed by one praying man? We cannot even gauge the impact of a praying person.

People after their lunch timings usually spend their time doing good evening prayer.

The early church studied the teachings of the Apostles and prayed continuously.

God answered the prayers of his people and added to them every day. The teaching of the Apostles is the Bible first-hand.

Author:Corey Collins