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How Much Would Online Laundry Cost You?


No doubt getting your laundry tasks accomplished from the professionals saves you lot of time. But a majority of the people are concerned about the cost of the professional online laundry services.

In early days, online laundry was costly but today it will not affect your pocket a lot. These days online laundry services are provided at a very cheap price. One major reason behind this is the tough competition in the market.

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Laundry service NYC companies also offer the free pick and drop facility to make the laundry more user-friendly and beneficial. Let’s have a look how much online laundry service would cost you:   

Wash and fold

Price of washing, drying, and folding of clothes generally varies between $15-18 per kg. As the quantity of the clothes needs to be cleaned increases, price per kg of cleaning clothes decreases. Here is the price list of the wash and fold of different items:

  • Bleach- $3
  • Wash & fold- $1/lb
  • Comforter- $25
  • Blanket- $25
  • Pillow- $7
  • Rug- $4

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Dry cleaning

Dry cleaning is little costlier than the ordinary cleaning. Check out the price of dry cleaning of different items below:

  • Shirts/Blouse/Tie/Pants/Shorts/T-shirts/Sweater/Leggings- $6
  • Comforter- $35
  • Blanket- $25
  • Pillow- $7
  • Bed sheet- $17
  • Jacket/Hood- $18
  • Fur- $40

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This is the general price list. However, it varies with different service providers. This will give you the fair idea of prices of the professional laundry. To get the exact prices you can contact the service provider.

If you compare the prices with the conventional laundry shops, you will notice these are not too high. More importantly, the comfort of free pickup and drop off laundry is unmatched. You can also click here to know more about the cost of online laundry.    


Author:Corey Collins