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The Types of Forklift Used


Forklift is one the important parts for every storage companies and other different organizations. There are various factors that should be considered while buying the forklift such as size, price, shape, and speed.

You should choose the forklift as per your business’s requirements. If you want to have a forklift for one time then you should opt for the second-hand forklift. There are companies that put the forklift for sale after using it once or twice, you can buy the second-hand forklift from them.

Picker Forklifts

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The forklifts come in various shapes and sizes with different features and configurations. Different forklifts have a different price tag so you should choose the forklift that suits best to your business.

The different types of forklifts are mentioned below:

Order Picker Forklifts: This type of forklift is widely used in warehouses and in retail companies. The order picker is further of two types :

All Electric Forklift: In this type of forklift the controls are present on the platform that helps the forklift to move and reposition.

Electronic Lift Forklift: This model has the feature that enables the forklift to move just in a vertical direction. For every new order picker, the forklift has to be manually repositioned.

Electric Forklift

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These forklifts come in different sizes such as 23 inches and 25 inches forklift. These forklifts are used to pick the light loads. If you found any defects in these forklifts such as battery issue then you should hire a professionals for forklift repair.

Pallet Jacks: These types of forklifts are used in moving the entire pallet of the goods or material. Pallet jack forklifts are easy to use and are cost-effective. These are further of two types:

Electric: This model has the electric motor that enables the operator to move the forklift in forward and reverse direction.

Manual: They are easy to use and is less expensive than the electric forklifts.

Extendable Carriage

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Reach Truck: These forklifts have an extendable carriage that helps in reaching out the trucks. The reach truck forklift has the tilting cab facility that helps the operator while driving the forklift.

Author:Corey Collins