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Types Of Kitchen Worktops Available in Market


Kitchen worktops can be made of several types of materials. While buying them, you should consider those worktops that are durable, beautiful, clean and hygienic. Carry on reading this article to know more about it.

Search for a worktop that is supportive for stoves, sinks, cooktops and other heavy stuff. A wide variety of kitchen worktop materials is available in shops or online stores. To see a range of beautifully designed worktops, you may visit www.stoneconnectionworksurfaces.co.uk.

Kitchen Worktop Types

Marble and granite are natural stone worktops and are popularly used all over the UK. If you find them a little pricey, you may choose other materials like tile, wood, quartz and glass. The following are some common materials used for kitchen worktops:


Quartz is resistant to heat, water, stain and scratches. As it does not absorb water or any other kind of fluid, it is very easy to clean and maintain. The quartz worktops are made up of pure natural quartz blocks, so you do not to worry about the durability.

Quartz Kitchen Worktop


Wood surfaces add visual beauty to the kitchen and at the same time, they are easy and suitable for the use. These can be repaired very easily. Wooden worktops are considered better than plastic as they can kill the bacteria by absorbing them.

But there are some disadvantages of wood surfaces. They can easily be destroyed by rust. They are not resistant to scratches and require more maintenance than other materials.

Wooden Kitchen Worktop

Granite Worktops

Granite worktops can be purchased from any online granite showroom. These worktops make your kitchen look beautiful. They are durable in nature and give a royal look, which makes them posh. Their surface is hard, tough and smooth and is resistant to water and heat.

Laminated Surfaces

If you are looking for cheaper options, this one is the best for you. They are durable, smooth and easy to clean and manage. However, these surfaces are not resistant to stain, heat and scratches.

Author:Corey Collins