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Various types of used shipping containers


There are various types of used shipping containers available nowadays in the market. Before you look for one, it is essential for you to know the types of shipping containers available and what do they offer.

Some people build houses from the sea containers while some use them in their transportation business. Both these requirements require different varieties of shipping containers.

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Here are some of the types of shipping containers they offer:

Dry Van

Dry Van containers are the most common containers and are also the most widely used. These containers don’t have any ventilation and are basically the closed containers. No cooling or heating system is built inside them.

The shipping containers Brisbane companies offer dry van containers which are affordable and are of 40ft which allow the builders to make a home from them. This is the reason most of the shipping containers are used in home plans. The bids are also low in these types of containers.

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Open Top

These are the containers that are made up of rigid metal and their top is not covered. These containers are widely used for bigger items that don’t fit in the dry van shipping containers. These containers are also used for sensitive items like the sheet glass.

These containers are always sealed up and the canvas is positioned on the top of the container for making it a sealed box, and at the top corners, there are four metal posts which provide support for stacking. Open top containers are difficult to find as they are a little less demanded by the customers.


These are the containers in which the interior is protected and also controls the temperature. With the use of dry ice, the container remains cool and doesn’t require any outside power source.  

The time when the container is required to be heated or cooled then a mechanical chiller or heater can be used to maintain its temperature.

Thus, among these various types of shipping containers, you can select one of your choices.

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Conclusion: Once you have decided the type of the container you need, you can then search for the companies that are selling or offering the containers on rent as per your requirement.

The cost of the shipping containers totally depends on the company and can also vary according to the kind of container you buy. You can ask the company for a free quote to get an estimation of the price.

Author:Corey Collins